Find an animal lost in times of disaster


Listed below are all the places you can search online or in person to find your lost animal.


Regardless of your location, after you talk to your neighbors to see if they have information, search for your pet using the online tools below.  Your pet may be in a shelter using one of these systems and while systems may have some of the same information, each system is different so take the time to look at all of them.  If you do not locate your pet, then visit the website or go to one of the physical shelters linked to (by state) below to see if your pet is there.  You should also place flyers in your neighborhood with information about your lost pet.

  • Click the red links at the top of the page to search for your pet.

  • Search on the right side of the page for lost pets.

  • All you need is a photo of a pet you are looking for or one you found, and remember to upload that photo to run a search.

  • Search for your lost pet.

  • Helping Lost Pets Search for your lost pet and you can also upload information about your lost pet for others to see.

  • PetFBI Search for your lost pet.

  • Search and get help finding your lost pet.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to check your local organizations website or visit their locations directly, click below for a list of organizations.



If you have found a pet without identification, post "found pet" flyers in your neighborhood and take the the pet to a veterinarian or animal shelter to see if they have a microchip with information about where they live.

  • Your pet may be in a shelter without identification for enough time that they may be up for adoption. Search these pet adoption websites (and consider adopting a pet to make space for another pet who needs shelter):, or

  • Do you need to talk to a veterinarian or access vet care? Download the Best Friends Vet Access app and use the code "CAFIRES" to video chat or text with a vet 24/7 for free in impacted areas. Also you can speak to a vet online for free 24/7 from anywhere in the country, visit

  • If you know the microchip number of a pet you found, use the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup and Michelson Found Animals Registry

  • Need transportation to find your pet? Goto and click the Help/Support button and they'll help you out.

  • If you need a temporary home for your pet, or can provide a temporary home for someone else's pet, go to